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They deliver the best tasting water I’ve ever had to my home for less than anyone else I contacted. I use my own water bottles and save tons of money. I’m a runner and a cyclist who drinks at least 10 gallons a month. Believe me when I say I know the difference when I drink from the tap or even store bought bottles. To me it’s really a no brainer! Save money. Save time. And most importantly STOP THROWING AWAY BOTTLES! —Google Review from “That’s Bananas”

Very good customer service and friendly delivery men. Willing to accommodate order changes. Great tasting water.

A Grandma

Great Customer Service, BEST Tasting water in Hampton Roads hands down! Locally owned Small business, gotta love that! Their products and service are second to none.

Paul Ceballo

Great tasting water. They deliver once every 2 weeks and it is much cheaper then buying bottled water at the store

David Jackson

The BEST Tasting Water      |      The BEST Delivery Service      |      The BEST Price

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